brasil – netherlands exchange

In November and December of 2012 IACW will record a double session with Dutch and Brazilian musicians as a musical exchange project. Musicians involved are Duani Martins (BRA), Marcia Castro (BRA), Bjorn Ottenheim (zZz), Jasper Verhulst (Moss) and Michiel Klein (Eklin/Adept).

coming up soon: traditionals 2

We’ve been away for a little while but soon we will please you with an awesome new album: TRADITIONALS2 (coop with Onder Invloed). Listening to the masters as we speak. Album release on the 29th of October (Limited vinyl only). Again we will release videos of all the recordings made by Onder Invloed, starting off with Jelle … Read more

minus the tiger

Besides the In A Cabin With project we try to make time for different projects and productions. And here you go; Minus The Tiger, a four piece band from The Netherlands, produced by In A Cabin With producer Maarten Besseling. The official release date is planned on the 9th of april at V2 Records. Minus The Tiger … Read more

tika full album download for free

The full TIKA album is available as a free download (or Pay With a Tweet), starting today. If you would like to have the album send to your home as a luxurious digifile album you can order it for only €11.19 at our webshop or get it at a recordstore in The Netherlands. ENJOY!

traditionals download for free

Featuring: Anne Soldaat, Bertolf, Marien Dorleijn (Moss), Tim Knol, Djurre de Haan (Awkward I), Ralph Mulder (Alamo Race Track), Odilo Girod (Chop Wood), Lea, Maurits Westerik (GEM), Bram Hakkens (Kyteman), Davie Lawson(UK), Ro Halfhide (Lucky Fonz III), Paul tasker & Iona MacDonald (Doghouse Roses), Arn Kortooms, Vincent Beijer, Nicky Hustinx & Koen-Willem Toering (Woost), Nick Schuit & Frank Schalkwijk & … Read more

tika tourdates

26 augustus Asteriks, Leeuwarden 01 September Rotown, Rotterdam 10 September Opium Radio, Carré, Amsterdam 13 September Paradiso, Amsterdam 15 September Supermarkt, Den Haag 16 September Ekko, Utrecht 17 September Vera, Groningen Listen to the track ‘Here I Go Again’ by TIKA here (download it here), watch some movies and pics during the recordings of the album here.

presk & krampfhaft in beijing

Again an amazing time in Songzhuand Artist Village in Beijing China! This year with the upcoming and very interesting dance producers Presk & Krampfhaft, you will hear more about these guys soon 🙂 Trust us! Check out the pictureblog here!